Embargoed Areas.

Information about the embargoed areas can be found on IOF Eventor .


The embargoed areas are strictly embargoed. Competitors, team officials, and other persons who, through knowledge of the terrain may influence the results of the competition, are not allowed to enter an embargoed area unless explicitly permitted to do so by the organiser.

Any attempt to survey or train with maps on permitted roads in the competition terrains is forbidden. The areas are embargoed until the respective competition is finished.

The map clearly indicates the embargoed zones, highlighted in RED. These areas are strictly
off-limits, and no access is permitted. It’s important to note that traveling by train through the embargoed areas is allowed.

In the event that you require entry to a embargoed area for a specific reason, kindly submit your request for permission by emailing info@eoc2025.be.

Previous orienteering maps of embargoed areas.

Hasselt Centrum (2020) 1/4.000

Hasselt Kapermolen (2022) 1/4.000

Diest (2018) 1/5.000

Geel (2017) 1/5.000

Aarschot (2019) 1/4.000

Mechelen Centrum (2016) 1/4.000

Mechelen Tivoli (2021) 1/4.000

Lier: There is no previous map of Lier